Monday, January 28, 2013

#13 Superman Redesigns

There was a challenge at my school, where we had to redesign Superman. I tried to be fast and think a little logical about them....most of them at least haha....
Design 1: is a more traditional redesign like if we were to completely change him for an animated show or game but i wanted to go a bit away from the New 52 design. I feel they took away too much of the red so i put more of it. I put more yellow under his cape cause if you see many soccer players wear yellow shoes to look like they are running faster, so more yellow means faster looking superman.
Design 2: I thought of him in a more military, or American soldier type of hero. I made his color scheme more red white, and blue, but to keep the essence of superman still I kept just a little of the yellow for the lining of his suit and padding on his sides, and boots.
Design 3: This one was easy, what if Superman needs to go back to Krypton's ruins, or go somewhere in the galaxy with a red sun. He would need a suit to help him store the yellow suns ray's to still allow him to use his powers, so this suits absorbs large amounts of sun rays and slowly releases its self into him similar to a nicotine patch. When the suit stops glowing that means he's out of energy. Also since he's in space why would he need a cape anyways. I kinda thought of it as him looking at green lantern's suit for inspiration.

Design 4: Ok this one is simple.....what if he landed in San Fransisco as baby instead of Kansas, and became influenced with many of the gay communities the ymca song by The Village People. I feel like for the challenge its fun to do serious designs but you gotta add the funny ones or completely outlandish ones to really make your work stick out. And if no one caught on those are Wonder Woman's boots :P

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#12 Sugar Rush Design

So who ever saw Wreck-it Ralph knows the Sugar Rush part of the movie and so i designed a sugar rush character.

#11 Winter event

We had to do a poster for an event in my class so i chose to use my Academy characters for it, so ill post before and after pictures.

#10 Rise of the Guardians

OH! since i haven't been posting a lot at all, i completely forgot about rise of the guardians which became one of my favorite dream works movies ever! it was beautiful and the animation was amazing. but here is a picture i never got to finish i did after the movie.

#9 Cave Hunk

A project i did for my editorial illustration class
I'll put the link on the bottom so you can see what the article was about.

#8 Very late Halloween

Here's a halloween picture i did with the character i keep posting...

#7 2013

 Jeez why has it been so hard for me to post anything. i haven't put anything up since October.... that's baaaaaaad haha well this is a new year and more posts that's for sure so lets get this blog spot caught up fast

^^^this picture is of some of the main characters from the story i keep posting, "Academy for Supers"
its not the final designs but once i get started on the comic is when ill change some stuff

^^^Here we have Ruby (far left) next to her "construct" Louie (purple ghost) then Simon, ruby's best friend, with her family starting with the man in blue and yellow which is her uncle, then her dad, her brother, mom, and grandpa